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Valkyrie is a tough-as-nails galactic scavenger with a mysterious past. After a tragedy left her life in tatters, Valkyrie disappeared to Sakaar where she became a bounty hunter known as Scrapper 142. Now with the universe in peril, she must put her history behind her and join forces with Thor and Hulk to save Asgard in its darkest hour.


Dragonfang Fury

Valkyrie unleashes a series of slashes with her sword, landing 3 separate blows of 306 damage, continuing her attack even if she downs the target.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Each attack deals 436 damage.
Level 3: Valkyrie lands 4 blows with her sword.
Level 4: Each attack deals 641 damage.
Level 5: Valkyrie lands 5 blows with her sword, each attack deals 842 damage.

Bounty Hunter

POWER COST  Black  0
(PASSIVE) Valkyrie hunts down her mark and collects her bounty. At the start of the turn, if one doesn't exist, create a 5-turn Black Countdown tile targeting a random enemy. If that enemy is Downed or takes 1751 damage before it expires, remove it to gain 3 AP in your strongest color and destroy 2 AP in the enemy's strongest color.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Collecting a bounty destroys 3 AP in the enemy's strongest color.
Level 3: Collect a bounty when the targeted enemy is Downed or takes 1556 damage.
Level 4: Collecting a bounty gains 4 AP in your strongest color.
Level 5: Collect a bounty when the targeted enemy is Downed or takes 1362 damage. Destroys 4 AP in their strongest color.

The Best Defense...

POWER COST  Yellow  0
(PASSIVE) Valkyrie protects her allies from evil the best way she knows—by fighting back even harder! Whenever an ally takes at least 897 damage, create 2 Yellow Strike Tiles of strength 18. As long as an enemy has less than 6 AP in a color, friendly matches in that color deal 56 extra damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Creates Strike tiles of strength 27 and deals 77 damage.
Level 3: Creates Strike tiles if an ally takes 739 damage and deals 98 damage.
Level 4: Creates Strike tiles of strength 38 and deals 142 damage.
Level 5: Creates Strike tiles of strength 53 when an ally takes 633 damage. Deals 172 damage if the enemy has less than 8 AP in a color.

Best Build



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