Today I won my character no.62 - Elektra (Unkillable). Until now I got two black cover cards from her and she's evolved to the current max lvl 86.

So that's how currently my "inventory" looks like:

What? How much?
characters 62
used cover cards 621
missing cover cards to max out 167
characters with maximum cover cards (1) 35
completed characters 10 (3x lvl166, 3x lvl94, 2x lvl50, 2x lvl40)
lowest lvl character level 20 (Venom (Dark Avengers Spider-Man), Juggernaut (Classic), Black Widow (Modern))
highest lvl character level 166 (Magneto (Classic), Thor (Modern), Iron Man (Model 40))
totally spent Iso-8 1,868,097
needed Iso-8 to evolve to currently possible maximum (2) 2,999,702

(1) 10 cards used for 2-power characters and 13 cards used for 3-power characters.

(2) My Invible Woman's currently possible max level is 270, but I only know how much Iso-8 I have to spend until level 204, so the true amount is some higher.

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