Hi! This is my first fanwork of Marvel Puzzle Quest! Today it'll feature Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew.


Uncommon Character (Two Stars)


Jessica Drew's father found large amounts of uranium in her blood, which led him to insert an experimental serum in her. She had to be placed on stasis, and only awoke decades later. Some time after, she became an agent of SHIELD and the Spider-Woman, with astonishing powers.


Cover Edition:

New Avengers Vol 1 (2005) #4

Cover Artist:

David Finch

Level Cap





Venom Blast

Power Cost: 18 Green AP

Spider-Woman launches a Venom Blast towards an enemy. Hits the target for 200 Damage and absorbs 5 Green AP from each enemy.

Level Upgrades:

Level 2: Increases damage to 215.

Level 3: Increases damage to 225.

Level 4: Absorbs 7 Green AP from each enemy.

Level 5: Stuns the target for one round.

Max Level: Stuns the target for two rounds.

Pheromone Control

Power Cost: 19 Purple AP

Spider-Woman controls the enemy's pheromones and makes him protect her. Transforms 3 enemy owned attack tiles into Purple friendly protect tiles.

Level Upgrades:

Level 2: Transforms 4 enemy owned attack tiles.

Level 3: Transforms 6 enemy owned attack tiles.

Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.

Level 5: Costs 2 AP less.

Max Level: If there are at least five friendly protect tiles, stuns the target for one round.

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