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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on September 23
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Enemy Thanos (The Mad Titan)

What I Do?Edit

Im here editing the code so it is clean.. Adding all the character levels quicker than average Joe can do it, Adding new characters, new pages, and basically anything that needs to be done!!!

How Its Done?Edit

How do I add all the levels? Sandbox is the only way. The account I use is not for playing, its for updating information in bulk.

I have gone through 3 different accounts for sandboxing... Remember never get too many covers in your game or it corrupts your save... (Over 20,000 covers is the killing number)... but average Joe will never hit that...

To Do ListEdit

Please see below of my To-Do List. If you want me to update anything for the wiki, I know how to do most now/learning, so just ask.

  • Update every character powers.... (on Hold for now)....
  • Update all events for story and then ppv....
  • New 5* Character (Getting covers) and Levels Incoming!!.......... Champion levels done Next levels coming on the weekend.
  • Valkryie early stats
  • new 4* character coming soon.

Family life... Things on hold...


  • All 4* Champion Stats. (Except New Characters)
  • All 3* Champion Stats. (Except New Characters)
  • All 2* Champion Stats. (Except New Characters)

Constantly UpdatingEdit

  • New Pages For Every New Character & Levels.
  • Daily Rewards.
  • Deadpool Daily/Titans.
  • Patch Notes.

If updating/Creating Characters... What needs to be done...Edit

Creating Character Page.

  1. Create the page, and level pages
  2. update all stats per level...
  3. Add to relevant listing pages (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Epic) (If needed edit the amount of characters... **This should update automatically... If it doesnt edit. #expr:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Epic}} - 4 (The number at the end)
  4. Update Template:CharacterNav
  5. Update Category:Characters - Do same as number 3 also
  6. Update Champion, Add the new character and also the variant it provides
  7. Update Iso-8 Page if needed with same coding as part 3.

Updating Other Pages...

Made sandbox page Sandbox

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