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To-do listEdit

  • Events
    • Sort out good way to display event pages.
      • Working on PVE in sandbox.
      • Maybe fight template too, for the nodes.
      • Navigation
        • PVE is good, maybe could do with being more visual
        • PVP has nothing yet
        • A start would be making a season nav for PVP
    • Add missed events.
      • All events listed to my knowledge. Working on putting missed events up.
    • Consistent formating.
      • All character cover rewards should have the icon instead of text.
      • Someone suggested using icons for Iso and HP when putting rewards.
    • I've asked IceIX on the forums about getting event posters and other stuff from the source. He's said he'll see what he can do; haven't heard more from him yet.
  • Organise contents on main page.
    • Put some recent info into boxes; I think I need to think of some graphics to add.
    • I want to put something up for ongoing events. I'm not quite sure what form this would take - it'd need to been mostly graphics and inform people of event end times, but I don't want it to take up too much space.
    • Changed colour scheme, will take others criticisms on board if they arise.
  • Need to upload pictures for Ultron and Hand enemies.
  • Characters pages.
    • The Character page needs to be sorted out.
      • I've at least sorted it out enough that the whole thing doesn't explode when it goes wrong.
    • I want to change the power template so it's a bit cleaner looking. Not sure how yet, though.
    • Figure out if I can make stuff like sentry's visual aids look a bit...better? Maybe add to the template?
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