Purple Trap Tile

Purple Trap Tile

Red Trap Tile

Red Trap Tile

Trap Tiles are a type of tile that is hidden from the opponent. Traps will go off even if their owner is stunned. Matching an enemy Trap tile will set it off.

Trap tiles cannot have other special effects (strike, countdown, etc.) on them. When a power destroys an unseen Trap tile, or a special effect is placed on one, a "Trap disarmed" message is displayed. Traps can be placed over enemy Trap tiles which will remove the enemy Trap.

Trap tiles are always turned into basic tiles after their creator dies. If an enemy Trap is matched on the same movement that kills their owner, they will still go off. They are treated as basic tiles to the side that cannot see them, and as friendly special tiles to the side that can see them.

Examples of Trap tiles:

  • Daredevil Ambush creates a red Trap that, when matched, deals damage to the opponent.
  • Doctor Doom's Diabolical Trap passively creates Traps each round. When their active power is used, it damages the enemy for each Trap tile in play and disarms them.
  • Elektra's Shadow Step also uses Trap tiles, but in a very different way - it creates 3-5 Traps that, whenever she is damaged, destroy one of their tiles but nullify the damage taken, and instead damage the enemy.
  • Nick Fury's Demolition will activate all of the Traps at once if the enemy made a match with the Trap tile. However, a friendly match only activates the Trap tile that was in the match.

Commentary Edit

The AI is so dumb that it will match visible and hidden tiles with equal frequency. This makes the hidden nature of Traps mostly useless against the AI. If the main power from a specific Trap comes when it's matched, it will be a bad choice against enemies who can't match tiles.

Abilities that put down a lot of special tiles are useful for disarming Traps. For this reason, Storm's Hailstorm is a particularly good move against Trap users. Abilities that put Traps down on specific colors can be countered by abilities that put down special tiles on those colors.

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