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The Hunt Savage


Site Under Attack!
Nick Fury has tricked Bullseye into attacking 'The Pit', a research facility located in The Savage Land. Time to teach him a lesson! Make sure the Dark Avengers fall into Fury's trap.
'The Hunt awards a New character Ares to the top finishers!


List of Missions

Buffed CharactersEdit

Captain America (Modern)
Hawkeye (Modern)
The Hulk (Indestructible)
The Punisher (Dark Reign)
Invisible Woman (Classic)

Event RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-2 Ares (Dark Avengers) (Yellow, Green and Red Powers), 1000 Iso-8, 500 Hero Points.
3-10 Ares (Dark Avengers) (Green and Red Powers), 1000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
11-50 Ares (Dark Avengers) (Green and Red Powers), 1000 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points.
51-100 Ares (Dark Avengers) (Red Power), 1000 Iso-8.
101-200 Ares (Dark Avengers) (Red Power), 500 Iso-8.
201-400 Recruit Token (Heroic), 250 Iso-8.
401-500 Recruit Token (Standard) x3 , 250 Iso-8
501-600 Recruit Token (Standard) x2 , 250 Iso-8
601-800 Recruit Token (Standard) , 250 Iso-8
801-900 140 Iso-8
901-1000 70 Iso-8

The Hunt Comic SaleEdit

The Hunt Offer

During The Hunt Event you can buy comics from this special pack:

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