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Amadeus Cho, 19-year-old Korean-American super-genius and the world's number one Hulk fan, knows the world needs a Green Goliath.

With the help of his little sister Maddy and the vast resources of the Olympus Group, Amadeus decides he's totally gonna be the best Hulk ever!


Mastermind Excello

POWER COST  Green  13
Hulk's smarts let him apply his titanic strength in a calculated strike, but sometimes he loses his head. Deal 333 damage and destroy a selected 3x3 block of tiles. If the team has at least 14 Blue AP, deal 352 extra damage. Otherwise, destroy 3 random basic tiles. (Destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP.)

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals 590 + 648 damage.
Level 3: Deals 828 + 954 damage and can destroy 5 random tiles.
Level 4: Deals 1456 + 1204 damage and extra damage with at least 12 blue AP.
Level 5: Deals 2626 + 2038 damage and can destroy 7 random basic tiles.

At Max Level:
Level 3: 1613 damage / 14 Blue AP for 1859 extra / 5 tiles
Level 4: 2837 damage / 12 Blue AP for 2347 extra / 5 tiles
Level 5: 5118 damage / 12 Blue AP for 3972 extra / 7 tiles

See the Math of It

(PASSIVE) Amadeus Cho uses his genius to think through every possible outcome for maximum smashing! At the start of your turn, if one does not already exist, convert a Blue basic tile to a 4-turn blue Countdown tile that deals 324 damage and converts 3 random basic tiles to green.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Countdown converts 4 random tiles to green.
Level 3: 3-turn Countdown.
Level 4: Countdown deals 472 damage.
Level 5: Countdown deals 944 damage.

At Max Level:
Level 3: 3-turn Countdown deals 631 and converts 4 basic tiles to green.
Level 4: 3-turn Countdown deals 919 and converts 4 basic tiles to green.
Level 5: 3-turn Countdown deals 1839 and converts 4 basic tiles to green.

Hot Dog Stand

POWER COST  Black  7
Thinking and smashing use lots of calories, and Amadeus is a growing Hulk! Heals Hulk for 315 health and converts up to 2 blue or green basic tiles to Charged tiles.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Heals 361 health and converts 3 blue or green basic tiles.
Level 3: Converts 4 blue or green basic tiles.
Level 4: Heals 417 health and converts 5 blue or green basic tiles.
Level 5: Heals 473 health and converts 6 blue or green basic tiles.

At Max Level:
Level 3: 703 health, 4 tiles.
Level 4: 811 health, 5 tiles.
Level 5: 920 health, 6 tiles.


  • First was available as reward in his own Amadeus' Inferno event.
  • Cannot be used at the same time as The Hulk (Indestructible).
  • Powers changed at the start of Season 32 in September 2016. Original powers differed as such:
    • Green was 12 AP, had no random tile destruction, did bonus damage for every blue AP, and generally dealt less damage.
    • Blue was 7 AP and created a Countdown that both made blue tiles Charged and destroyed green tiles.
    • Black was 5 AP and was usually unusable and was junk.

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