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Talos, perhaps the most cunning spy in all of the Skrull Empire, is a master of shapeshifting and intergalactic espionage. An intergral leader of the Skrull's efforts in the bitter Kree-Skrull War, the fearsome Talos will do whatever it takes to protect his own.


Access Granted

POWER COST  Purple  7
Disguised as his foe, Talos infiltrates an enemy organization to gain access to their plans. Talos creates 1 Trap tile that shapeshifts Talos into the target enemy. While any of these tiles are on the board, Talos steals 1 AP in the shapeshifted target's strongest color any time you make a match of that color.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Steals 2 AP.
Level 3: Creates 2 Trap Tiles.
Level 4: Creates 3 Trap Tiles.
Level 5: Creates 4 Trap Tiles.

Stunning Blow

With a swift blow from a stun baton, Talos leaves his opponent senseless. Talos stuns the enemy for 2 turns and creates a Blue 3-turn Countdown tile that destroys 2 AP in the enemy teams' strongest color.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Destroys 3 AP.
Level 3: Creates a 2-turn Countdown tile that destroys 4 AP.
Level 4: Stuns for 3 turns.
Level 5: Stuns the enemy for 4 turns and creates a 1-turn Countdown tile that destroys 5 AP.

A Skill Unmatched

POWER COST  Black  0
(PASSIVE) Talos uses his tactical prowess to set in motion a silent invasion, leaving his enemies unprepared and helpless to resist his force. For every AP Talos has in the enemy team's strongest color more than they do, his match damage increases by 7%. If Talos is shapeshifted, his match damage increases by 10% instead (max 150%).

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Match damage increases by 10%, or 14% if shapeshifted (max 210%).
Level 3: Match damage increases by 13%, or 18% if shapeshifted (max 270%).
Level 4: Match damage increases by 18%, or 25% if shapeshifted (max 375%).
Level 5: Match damage increases by 28%, or 39% if shapeshifted (max 585%).

Best Build


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  • This character was introduced in March 2019[1], to coincide with the release of the Captain Marvel movie.