Symbiote Mutation
Powers Green, Red, Yellow
Powers Icon SymbiotesIcon
Groups Symbiotes



POWER COST  GreenTile  6
The Symbiote Mutation charges wildly, leaping onto its target, snarling and drooling. Creates an X-turn Green Countdown tile that deals X damage plus an additional X damage for each friendly special tile on the board.

Bark & BiteEdit

POWER COST  RedTile  8
The Mutation lets loose a deafening, otherworldly bark, startling its foes and making them easier targets for its jaws. Creates an X-turn Red Countdown tile that creates a strength X Strike tile each turn and deals X damage when it reaches 0.

Guard DogEdit

POWER COST  YellowTile  0
(PASSIVE) The Mutation growls, snapping its jaws at anyone who attacks the symbiotes. Whenever a match including a friendly Strike, Protect, or Attack tile is made, deal X damage.

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