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Supports are a new feature that was added with the R150 update. They are places, minor characters (such as sidekicks, companions, and henchmen), vehicles, weapons, and other items. Supports are collectible, durable items that can be equipped to characters to give them bonus abilities. Supports get stronger as their rank and level increase.

Equipping Supports

Each Support can be equipped to one 3, 4, or 5-star character. Some Supports can only be equipped to certain groups of characters, such as Heroes, Villains, or X-Men. After a Support is equipped to a character, it is locked for 2 hours. During that time, the Support cannot be unequipped from the character, or equipped to another character. After the time has elapsed, the Support is able to be removed and equipped to any other valid character (unless that character has another support equipped, and is still locked).


The benefit of Supports are in their Perks, which give bonuses and extra powers to the characters who equip them. With each rank that a Support gains, an additional Perk unlocks. Supports have five ranks. Additionally, most Supports have a synergy perk, which activates when equipped to a certain character or group of characters.

Level and Rank

Unlike Champions, whose rank is fixed, Supports can have their rank increased. Players have only one copy of each support, which can be increased by both level and rank. The rank of a Support is not increased by adding levels or using resources. Rather, the only way to increase the rank of a Support is to find a copy of that Support of higher rank.

Like Champions, the level of Supports is increased by spending resources. Instead of Iso-8, Supports are leveled up using Red Iso-8. Leveling Supports makes their Perks stronger. For every rank, the maximum level of the Support is increased by 50.

Rank Maximum Level
1 50
2 100
3 150
4 200
5 250

Getting Supports

Supports become available when a player gets a 3-Star or higher character. At that time, the player will receive some Supports and Red Iso-8. Players who already had such a character at the time Supports were released received 500 Red Iso-8 and the following supports: Element Guns (Quad Blasters), Avengers Tower (Stark Industries), Hydra Henchmen (Hail Hydra!), and Vintage Shield (World War II).

New Supports

When a players receive a Support they don’t already own, it is automatically added to their collection of Supports. Supports don’t take up roster slots. Players can earn Supports by redeeming Support tokens, which can be earned in Season rewards (starting with the Reality Season beginning May 3, 2018) and found in vaults and bundles.

Duplicate Supports

When players receive a duplicate Support of equal or lesser rank to a Support they already own, the Support is converted to Red Iso-8 automatically. When players receive a duplicate support of a higher rank, the Support immediately has its rank increased and the player receives some Red Iso-8.

Using Supports

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