A Strike Tile is a tile which, while on the board, adds damage to every damaging attack from its owner. A Strike tile is represented by a knife icon pointed away from its owner. If there are Protect Tiles owned by the attacked party on the board, they subtract damage.

The formula for total damage caused is

(Base damage) + (total Strike tile strength) - (total Protect tile strength)

with a minimum of 1.

StrikeTilesEnemy - Example of Enemy Strike Tile
StrikeTilesPlayer - Example of Player Strike Tile


  • Abilities that destroy multiple tiles instantly only have the strike damage added once (not counting cascades).
  • Strike damage is calculated before the tiles on the board are changed or destroyed. So if an attack destroys the tile, it still counts during that attack.
  • Team attacks get the Strike bonus added to every character.
  • When multiple countdown tiles cause damage, the Strike bonus is added for each one.
  • Attack Tile attacks get Strike damage added. However, if there are multiple Attack Tiles, strike damage is only added once per turn.
  • Self-inflicted damage (e.g. Juggernaut's Headbutt) does not take the opponent's Strike tiles into account.
  • Certain characters have abilities that allow them to "double tap" when making matches.
    • Black Widow's Espionage at level 4 and 5 has the Strike bonus occur twice with every relevant match.
    • Mr. Fantastic's Imaginaut allows this.
    • It doesn't apply to Vision's Density: Heavy, however.
  • When special tiles are laid down with passives, like with Daken or Bullseye (Dark Avengers), there is a special rule. If there are no valid tiles on the board, but the activating move lets extra valid tiles slide down, no special tiles are created. In previous versions, the human player's side always got their special tiles created before the computer's side, but this is no longer the case.

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