A symbol of hope in dystopian 2099, Miguel O'Hara inherited the mantle of Spider-Man after a corporate lab accident granted him spider-like abilities. Now he fights the oppressive mega-corporations of Nueva York, inspiring its citizens to rise up against their tyrannical yolk.


Spider BiteEdit

POWER COST  BlueTile  8
Miguel bites his foe, injecting them with a paralytic toxin that leaves them vulnerable. Stuns the target for 1 turn, then converts a chosen basic tile into an 3-turn Countdown tile. The target takes 15% additional damage as long as the Countdown tile is on the board.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Target takes 25% additional damage.
Level 3: Target Stunned for 2 turns.
Level 4: Target Stunned for 3 turns and takes 30% additional damage for 4 turns.
Level 5: Target Stunned for 4 turns and takes 75% additional damage.

Harbinger of HeroesEdit

POWER COST  YellowTile  0
(PASSIVE) A champion of a past age, Spider-Man is always willing to help heroes fight the good fight. Whenever a friendly Hero makes a Black or Blue match, creates 1 Green, Purple, or Red Web tile and deals 120 damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals 194 damage.
Level 3: Creates 2 Web tiles.
Level 4: Deals 249 damage and creates 3 Web tiles.
Level 5: Deals 323 damage and creates 3 Web tiles on Yellow matches.


POWER COST  BlackTile  9
Miguel launches a vicious attack upon his foes, driving those around him to rise up against their oppressors. Deals 556 damage and converts up to 2 Web tiles into 1-turn Countdown tiles that deal 963 damage to a random enemy.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals 649 damage and Countdown tiles deal 1185 damage.
Level 3: Converts 3 Web tiles to Countdown tiles.
Level 4: Deals 788 damage and converts 4 Web tiles into Countdown tiles that deal 1389 damage.
Level 5: Deals 834 damage and converts 5 Web tiles into Countdown tiles that deal 1759 damage.

Best BuildEdit

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