Shields were first introduced with patch R45. Shields allow players to protect themselves from attacks in PVP Events for a period of time (3 hours, 8 hours, or 1 day). While a shield is active, you cannot lose event points; any loss your team suffers will be blocked. However, should your team win, you will still receive points. Attacking an opponent while a shield is in use will break your shield.
After buying a shield there is a 8 hour cooldown before it is possible to purchase shield of the same type again.

Shield CostsEdit

You can buy shields after you finish your first fight in any PVP Event. All shields cost Hero Points.

Prototype ShieldEdit

Lasts 3 hours. Costs 75 Hero Points.

Prototype Shield

Advanced ShieldEdit

Lasts 8 hours. Costs 150 Hero Points.

Advanced Shield

Cosmic ShieldEdit

Lasts 24 hours. Costs 300 Hero Points.

Cosmic Shield

Lightning RoundsEdit

In Lightning Rounds, shield duration is different from other PVP Events:

Prototype ShieldEdit

Lasts 15 minutes. Costs 50 Hero Points.

Prototype Shield Lightning

Advanced ShieldEdit

Lasts 30 minutes. Costs 100 Hero Points.

Advanced Shield Lightning

Cosmic ShieldEdit

Lasts 1 hour. Costs 200 Hero Points.

Cosmic Shield Lightning


  • As of the Rage and Ruin event, shield costs have been doubled.
  • As of at least the Category-5 event, shield costs have been reduced to 75, 150, and 300 Hero Points.
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