A Protect Tile reduces the damage of every incoming attack against its team.

The formula for total damage change caused by Strike and Protect tiles is:

(Base damage) + (total strike tile strength) - (total protection tile strength)

with a minimum of 1.

A Protect tile is represented by a shield icon inside the tile.

ProtectTilesEnemy - Example of Enemy Protect Tile
ProtectTilesPlayer - Example of Player Protect Tile


Abilities that destroy multiple tiles instantly only have the damage reduced once (not counting cascades).

If multiple Attack Tiles deal damage in a turn, damage reduction is applied once to their combined damage.

Protect damage reduction is calculated before the tiles on the board are changed or destroyed. So if an attack destroys the tile, it still counts during that attack.

Protect tiles damage reduction affects all characters if the attack hits all of them, not just the front character.

Like Attack and Strike tiles, they are owned by teams, not individual characters. They are not removed when characters are downed, and are still effective when any or all characters are stunned. They cannot be placed on Team-Up tiles.

Commentary Edit

Protect tile strengths tend to be weaker than Strike and Attack tile strengths. For example, Iron Fist has a stronger Strike tile passive than Luke Cage's Protect tile passive. Another example is that Iron Man (Hulkbuster)'s Strike tile power has 32 strength per AP, while his Protect tile power only has 16 strength per AP.

Protect tiles are innately weaker than Strike tiles because Protect tiles never let you take less than 1 damage, while Strike tiles always add the full amount (until the foe is downed).

Protect tiles are usually worse than Strike and Attack tiles in this game. The game is offense-oriented, and high damage is preferable to sustainability.

Playable Characters that place Protect tiles Edit






Playable Characters that interact with Protect tiles specifically Edit

This list does not include character powers that interact with a variety of special tiles.

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