Heroic Mode-Oscorp


Fight your way into Oscorp for some answers. Watch out for Daken and Yelena Belova!


List of Missions

Powered Up CharactersEdit

Only these characters can be used.

Daredevil (Man Without Fear)
Invisible Woman (Classic)
Black Widow (Grey Suit)
Spider-Man (Classic)
Storm (Classic)
Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)
Black Widow (Modern)
Iron Man (Model 35)

Event RewardsEdit

Leaderboard AwardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (RedAbility Power), 5000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
2-3 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (RedAbility Power), 2000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
4-10 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (RedAbility Power), 1000 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points.
11-25 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (RedAbility Power), 500 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points.
26-50 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (RedAbility Power), 250 Iso-8
51-100 Recruit Token (Heroic) x1 ,250 Iso-8

Progression RewardsEdit

This is a partial list of rewards. A total of 13850 Iso-8 was availible in this event, as well as some Heroic Tokens and boosts.

Score Rewards
10 Recruit Token (Standard)
25 100 Iso-8
50 +10% Power boost to all colors
100 Featured Heroes
300 All color Stockpile
750 Featured Heroes
1500 Storm (Classic) (YellowAbility Power)
10000 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (PurpleAbility Power)
30000 Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (BlueAbility Power)
40000 8000 Iso-8
50000 Wolverine (X-Force) (YellowAbility Power)
52000 Wolverine (X-Force) (RedAbility Power)
54000 Wolverine (X-Force) (GreenAbility Power)

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