The Maggia is an international crime syndicate that is the world’s most powerful organization dedicated to conventional crime (as opposed to subversive activities). Originating in southern Europe, the Maggia spread throughout non-Communist Europe and the Americas. Its presence in the United States first came public attention in the 1890’s, and the Maggia’s widespread bootlegging of illegal liquor during the Prohibition Era has become legendary. Today the Maggia controls most of illegal gambling, loan-sharking, and narcotics trade in the United States, as well as many legal gambling casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas. It also has great influence within various labor unions, and controls politicians on every level of government. Especially in recent years (1980s), the Maggia has invested many of its illegal gains into legitimate business. However, the Maggia enforces a strict code of secrecy among its members, and does not hesitate to punish betrayals and failures with death.

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In Game MembersEdit

Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

(Wilson Fisk)

The Hood (Classic)

The Hood

Bullseye (Classic)


In Game EnemiesEdit

Maggia Don


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