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Kraven the Hunter was a man at the top of his game, but success could only bring him so much satisfaction. Having bested the animal kingdom, Kraven set his sights on more cunning prey. Fueled by mystical brews and the unyielding strength of a jungle king, Kraven is now determined to prove that no man is a match for him! But will he emerge triumphant, or will his obsession with defeating Spider-Man drive him to the brink?


Wounded Pride

POWER COST  Black  10
When Kraven's ego takes a hit, he summons the king of the jungle's unchecked strength to wreak destruction. Kraven creates a 3-turn Black Countdown tile that destroys 2 AP in the enemy and ally teams' strongest colors, dealing 398 damage for each point of AP destroyed.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals 555 damage.
Level 3: Deals 583 damage. Countdown timer reduced to 2.
Level 4: Destroys 3 AP.
Level 5: Deals 805 damage. Countdown timer reduced to 1.

Think Like the Enemy

POWER COST  Purple  0
(PASSIVE) Kraven studies how to turn his prey's strengths against them before laying his snare. At the beginning of the turn, if there are at least 6 enemy Strike, Attack, or Protect Tiles on the board, Kraven reduces their strength by 46 and deals 65 damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Reduce Strike, Attack, and Protect tile strength by 55 and reduce threshold to 5.
Level 3: Deal 158 damage.
Level 4: Reduce Strike, Attack, and Protect tile strength by 64, reduce tile threshold to 4, and deal 334 damage.
Level 5: Reduce Strike, Attack, and Protect tile strength by 83 and deal 673 damage.

Most Dangerous Game

POWER COST  Blue  10
Once the hunter has your scent, there's no escaping his grip. Kraven places 1 Trap tile(s) on the board. When any of these trap tiles are present, Kraven steals 1 AP in a random color each turn. When this Trap tile is matched, converts 2 basic tiles to his team's strongest color and deals 269 damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deal 377 damage.
Level 3: Deal 405 damage and convert 3 tiles.
Level 4: Deal 585 damage.
Level 5: Deal 756 damage and convert 4 tiles.

Best Build



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