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Wilson Fisk is not a nice man. Growing up in New York City he became involved with organized crime at an early age. Now he's the most ruthless crime lord the world's ever seen. He's been the leader of the Maggia and the Hand and employs a coterie of colorful assassins.


Wilson's Gambit

POWER COST  black  6
Kingpin strategically sacrifices his foot soldiers, blindsiding his enemies and gaining the upper hand. Removes a random friendly Countdown tile and deals 1111 damage. If there are 3 or more friendly Countdown tiles, removes 3 of them and deals 1111 damage to the enemy team instead.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals either 1379 damage or 1231 damage.
Level 3: Deals either 1648 damage or 1370 damage.
Level 4: Deals either 2185 damage or 1639 damage.
Level 5: Deals either 3259 damage or 2176 damage.

The Fisk Defense

POWER COST  purple  8
Seeing through his enemy's ruse, Wilson Fisk dismantles their position and strengthens his own. Reduces AP in the enemy's strongest color by 4 and generates 4 Yellow AP.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Destroys 5 enemy AP.
Level 3: Generates 5 AP.
Level 4: Destroys 6 AP.
Level 5: Generates 8 AP.

Maggia Pawns

POWER COST  yellow  10
Kingpin commands a force rivaling some armies, he pushes his pawns forward to harass his enemies. Kingpin creates 2 Yellow Maggia Thug Countdown tiles that deal 834 damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Kingpin creates 3 Maggia Thug Countdown tiles.
Level 3: Kingpin creates 1 Maggia Muscle Countdown tile that creates 2 Strike tiles of strength 46.
Level 4: Kingpin creates 1 Maggia Hitman Countdown tile that deals 1575 damage.
Level 5: Kingpin creates 3 Thug tiles, 2 Hitman tiles, and 2 Muscle tiles.

Best Build


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First was available as a reward in Thick as Thieves.

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