Iso-8 Brotherhood

Run From 02/21/2014 till 03/02/2014


Win a new Hero: Black Panther
...Mutants enslaved.
...Secret labs.
...ISO-8 experiments.
At the center of it all Magneto.
find out what he knows.


Iso-8 Brotherhood

Buffed CharactersEdit

Captain America (Modern)
Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
Storm (Classic)
Daredevil (Man Without Fear)
Psylocke (Classic)
The Punisher (Dark Reign)

Mini EventsEdit

New areas will appear once Agents have cleared the first stage, furthering the story and allowing for more chances to gain more power:
Iso-8 Brotherhood Peru
Iso-8 Brotherhood Nigeria

  • PeruGo to Iso-8 Brotherhood Peru
  • NigeriaGo to Iso-8 Brotherhood Nigeria

Event RewardsEdit

Leaderboard AwardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-2 Wolverine (X-Force) (Red Power) Plus all rewards from the next rank.
3-10 Black Panther (Man Without Fear) (Yellow, Blue and Black Powers), 2000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
11-50 Black Panther (Man Without Fear) (Blue and Black Powers), 1000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
51-75 Black Panther (Man Without Fear) (Black Power), 500 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
76-100 Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) (Green, Red and Yellow Powers), 250 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
101-250 Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) (Red and Yellow Powers), 200 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
251-500 Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) (Yellow Powers), 140 Iso-8.
501-750 Recruit Token (Standard) x3 ,100 Iso-8
751-1000 Recruit Token (Standard) ,70 Iso-8

Progression RewardsEdit

Score Rewards
50 Recruit Token (Standard)
100 100 Iso-8
150 Power Boost (+10% to all colors)
500 Recruit Token (Assault Team)
750 Health Pack x 1
1000 Stockpile (+3 damage to all colors)
2500 250 Iso-8
5000 50 Hero Points
7500 250 Iso-8
10000 Recruit Token (Assault Team)
20000 250 Iso-8
30000 Magneto (Marvel NOW!) (Red Power)
40000 500 Iso-8
50000 50 Hero Points
60000 1000 Iso-8
70000 The Punisher (Dark Reign) (Green Power)
80000 1000 Iso-8
90000 50 Hero Points
100000 2000 Iso-8
110000 The Punisher (Dark Reign) (Red Power)
125000 8000 Iso-8
150000 The Punisher (Dark Reign) (Black Power)

Iso-8 Brotherhood SaleEdit

Assault Team SaleEdit

Iso-8 Brotherhood Offer

During the Iso-8 Brotherhood event you can buy comics from this special packs:

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