Iso-8 (also known as Isotope - 8), is a type of currency in Marvel: Puzzle Quest. It is used to purchase standard comic packs from the store and to level up Characters.


Iso-8 can be acquired from:

  • Completing Mission for the first time.
  • Winning a fight in Versus or in Versus events.
  • Progression Rewards on various events
  • Finishing in the minimum Ranking on events.
  • Selling Covers.
  • Adding a champion level
  • Facebook friends.
  • Mission Rewards.
  • Daily Rewards.

Iso-8 Prices Edit

Amount USA Europe UK


1200 Iso-8 $2 €1.99 £1.49 $2.40
3200 Iso-8 $5 €4.99 £3.99 $5.90
13200 Iso-8 $20 €19.99 £14.99 $23.95
37500 Iso-8 $50 €49.99 £39.99 $58.90
78,000 Iso-8 $100 €99.99 £79.99 $117.95

These are sometimes considered a "newbie trap". They are not recommended except to the richest of players. The Hero Point collections offer a much lower price per time saved.


Iso-8 main use is to train your characters. The total Iso-8 required to train is listed below:

Number of Powers

2 Powers
3 Powers
RarityStarRarityStar RarityStarRarityStarRarityStar RarityStarRarityStarRarityStarRarityStar DevilDinosaurIcon EpicRarityStarEpicRarityStarEpicRarityStarEpicRarityStarEpicRarityStar
Per Character 18,720 28,420 69,530 119,919 365,821 292,654 553,929
All of Rarity 178,860 973420 5636193 35850458 24372876
All Characters 66572819
Amount Of Characters 5 3 14* 47 96 1 44

For level by level costs, go to Iso costs.


*Bagman is not available from Tokens

Other uses Edit

  • Buying boosts (100 Iso-8 for "Match Damage" boosts, 200 Iso-8 for "+AP" boosts)
  • Skip fights in PVP (10 Iso-8 per skip, only charges Iso-8 after 4 consecutive skips)
  • Upgrading max-level character to Champion status
    • 5,000 Iso-8 for Uncommon characters
    • 7,500 Iso-8 for Rare characters
    • 12,500 Iso-8 for Legendary characters
    • 20,000 Iso-8 for Epic characters
  • Creating an alliance (2,000 Iso-8)

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