Hand Konran
Powers Red, Black
Powers Icon HandIcon
Groups The Hand

Powers Edit

Meteor HammerEdit

POWER COST  RedTile  9
The Konran swings his heavy ball and chain in a wide arc, hitting friend and foe alike. Deals X damage to the enemy and X damage to the Hand Konran's allies.

Black ArtsEdit

POWER COST  BlackTile  10
The Konran grabs a nearby ally and drains life from them, reinvigorating himself. Restores X points of health to the Konran and deals X damage to a random ally.


Level Health YellowTile RedTile BlueTile PurpleTile GreenTile BlackTile CriticalTile TeamUpTile
42 2300 20 20 20 20 20 20 3.0x 20

#Meteor Hammer DamageEdit

Level Enemy Damage Ally Damage
42 1363 288

Black Arts Healing/DamageEdit

Level Konran Healing Ally damage
42 1150 518
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