Hand Kishu
Powers Red, Black, Purple
Powers Icon HandIcon
Groups The Hand

Powers Edit


POWER COST  RedTile  7
Places 3 Trap tiles which deal X damage to the enemy team when matched by the player.

Ninja TrickeryEdit

POWER COST  BlackTile  8
Using ancient ninja magic the Kishu turns his enemies strengths against them, converting 2 enemy Strike, Attack or Protect tiles to strength X Black Strike tiles.

Smoke BombEdit

POWER COST  PurpleTile  8
The Kishu throws down a smoke bomb to blind its foes, creating 2 strength X Purple Protect tiles.


Level Health YellowTile RedTile BlueTile PurpleTile GreenTile BlackTile CriticalTile TeamUpTile
103 3745 47 47 47 47 47 47 3.0x 47

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