This mechanic is no longer part of the game as of patch R58.

Environment AP were a special tile type that gave your team or the enemy team special powers depending on the current battlefield environment. They were replaced by Team-Up AP in patch R58, released in July 2014.

Common Environment APEdit


The City tile unlocks this following powers:

Hot Dog StandEdit

cost 55 City AP
Take a quick break to eat one of the city's famous hot dogs. All allies recover 50 health.

Narrow AlleyEdit

cost 210 City AP
Destroys the left and right sides of the board.


The Forest tile unlocks this following powers:

Thorned RoseEdit

cost 50 Forest AP
Take 100 damage. Gain 5 AP of every color.

Forest FireEdit

cost 186 Forest AP
Turn all Green and Forest tiles into Red tiles.
Empty all enemy AP.


The High-Tech tile unlocks this following powers:

Containment BreachEdit

cost 40 High-Tech AP
A high-energy phenomenon breaches its containment vessel. causing one random tile to become critical tile.

System FailureEdit

cost 240 High-Tech AP
An Ion acceleration chamber fails, scattering charged particles around the room. Destroys 21 random tiles and deals 150 damage to each enemy.

Uncommon Environment APEdit


The Latveria tile unlocks this following powers:

Latverian TerrainEdit

cost 35 Latveria AP
Knowledge of the Latverian countryside gives your team tactical edge. Adds three Black Strike tiles.

Doomstadt GambitEdit

cost 190 Latveria AP
Your team's devastating strike recalls Doom conquering Haasenstadt and remaking it into his capital. Stuns the target for 5 turns and deals 200 damage to each enemy.


The Winter tile unlocks this following powers:

Snow DriftEdit

cost 45 Winter AP
Stun target for 1 turn. Reduce enemy AP of every color by 1.

Cold SnapEdit

cost 102 Winter AP
Turns all Red and Winter tiles into Blue tiles. Stuns the target for 3 turns.


The Desert tile unlocks this following powers:


cost 50 Desert AP
A lush oasis appears on the horizon. 6 random tiles become basic Green tiles.


cost 200 Desert AP
A sudden sand storm envelops the battlefield, creating 6 critical tiles.


  • The Environment AP stats for a character determined how many tiles your team/enemy team got per tile destroyed.
  • In Limited Time Versus Events / S.H.I.E.L.D. Versus the position of the fight on screen determined the Environment AP(lower right:City AP,lower left:Forest AP and top:Hi-Tech AP).
  • Winter and Desert AP tiles only appeared in PVE Events so far.
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