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Emma Frost spent her charmed youth honing her mutant gifts to become one of the world's most powerful psychics. Coupled with her creative flare (sic) for manipulation, Emma's powers carried her swiftly up the ranks of the powerful and villainous Hellfire Club.

After a devastating attack wiped out her school, Emma joined forces with the X-Men. Despite their antagonistic history, Emma's dedication to educating mutant youth has made her into an unlikely ally.


Psychic Meddling

POWER COST  Purple  10
Emma weaves her way through the enemy's mind, further destabilizing their psyche at every turn. Creates a 3-turn Purple Repeater tile that destroys 2 enemy Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles. If none exist, the Repeater tile destroys 1 AP in the enemy's strongest color instead. (Does not generate AP.)

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Repeater tile fires every 2 turns.
Level 3: Destroys 2 enemy AP.
Level 4: Destroys up to 3 tiles.
Level 5: Destroys up to 4 tiles.

Girl's Best Friend

POWER COST  Black  11
When the pressure's on, Emma transforms into her powerful diamond form. Fortifies up to 1 friendly Special tile and turns this power into Diamond Skin.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Fortifies up to 2 friendly Special tiles.
Level 3: Fortifies up to 3 friendly Special tiles.
Level 4: Fortifies up to 4 friendly Special tiles.
Level 5: Fortifies up to 6 friendly Special tiles.

ALT: Diamond Skin

POWER COST  Black  0
(PASSIVE) Emma's diamond skin grants her super-strength, but limits her psychic powers. Emma's match damage is increased by 150%, but she cannot fire powers. When there are no Fortified friendly Special tiles on the board, this power becomes Girl's Best Friend.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Emma's match damage is increased by 180%.
Level 3: Emma's match damage is increased by 200%.
Level 4: Emma's match damage is increased by 260%.
Level 5: Emma's match damage is increased by 325%.

Labor for Learning

POWER COST  Yellow  8
Emma makes sure her team is fully-trained, battle-ready, and appreciative of the merits of lifelong education. Creates a 2-turn Yellow Repeater tile that places 1 strength 25 Strike tile and improves up to 1 existing friendly Strike tile by 14..

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Repeater tile places 2 Strike tiles.
Level 3: Repeater tile improves 2 Strike tiles.
Level 4: Repeater tile places strength 37 Strike tiles and improves Strike tiles by 19.
Level 5: Repeater tile places strength 46 Strike tiles and improves up to 3 Strike tiles by 30.

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