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This is a Daily event which features a different 3 star cover reward every day!. Tokens are grouped into 'weeks' of 5 days, with Taco Tokens earned during the week featuring the 5 - 3* heroes. Deadpool's Daily Quest is non-competitive mode with brackets of 10000 people.

Briefing Edit

HEY! YOU! Marvel Puzzle Quest player! Welcome to Deadpool's Daily Quest, brought to you by me, Deadpool!

This is the place to win ISO-8, a new cover for your 3-Star Characters every day, and delicious, delicious Tacos! Who doesn't love tacos?!

I'm going to keep things interesting with new fights and new rewards, so make sure to come back EVERY DAY!

Missions Edit

Deadpools Daily Event Screen

That Guy From That PlaceEdit

Form a team of one-star characters!
Quick! Help.. some good-guy, I guess? the day by defeating... uh, whoever they're fighting now. Look, I'm not really a "details" guy.
Enemy Character/Enemy 1/2* Character

Level 8

Enemy Character/Enemy 1/2* Character

Level 8

Enemy Character/Enemy 1/2* Character

Level 8

Iso-8 Icon 500

Under The SeaEdit

Form a team of one-star and two-star characters!
You made it to level 2, the Underwater Level! You should see my sketches, it's got sharks and crazy jellyfish and... What? What do you mean this isn't that kind of game? Well then what kind of game is it?! Okay, I've gotta go sort this out, just hold tight and fight these dorks for now.
Enemies Level Range: 20 - 50

Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character

Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character
Enemy Character/Enemy 2/3* Character

Wave 1: Iso-8 Icon 200
Completion: Taco Token

Third Time's the CharmEdit

Form a team of two-star characters!
They said it couldn't be done! A THIRD Level! Can you even believe your eyes? I don't play lot of videogames (just the ones I'm in), but I have to assume that we're breaking new ground here. Oooh, I wonder if I'll get an award.
Enemy 3* Character
Level 70
Enemy 3* Character
Level 74
Enemy 3* Character
Level 71
Iso-8 Icon 1000

Dat Required CharacterEdit

Featured character required!
An Essential Character mission! Gotta have one, right? (Pun.) Well, if you've got the right character, get to playing! What are you waiting for?! (Interrobang.)
Enemy 2* Character
Level 60
Enemy 2* Character
Level 64
Enemy 2* Character
Level 63
Taco Token

The Big EnchiladaEdit

This is the ultra mega super awesome extreme climaxapalooza of my event! I'm pulling all the stops out. So many stops. I'm going to make a killer fort with all stops. You can come in if you beat this mission, and if you know the password (it's "Stops").
Enemies Level Range: 80 - 87
Enemy Character/Enemy 1/2/3/4* Character
Featured 3* Cover

Behemoth BurritoEdit

Featured characters required!
I wanna be where the burritos are. Oh, and I invited some friends. Get through these guys, and you can have a burrito, too!


Enemy 3* Character
Level 89
Enemy 4* Character
Level 90
Enemy 2* Character
Level 91
2 Command points

Crash of the TitansEdit

Featured 4* Character only
Welcome to the final epic conclusion to today's Deadpool Daily Quest! Pit your Legendary character against a bitter rival in a one-on-one duel. Grab your popcorn! Hang on to your Homburgs! UNLEASH THE DAKENNNNNN!
Character Specific Rival
Level 270

Progression Rewards

Taco Points Reward
349 Recruit Token (Standard)
1861 1750 Iso-8
3975 Recruit Token (Elite)
7312 10 Hero Points
14000 3250 Iso-8
22000 Taco Token

Taco VaultEdit

Unlike other events, Taco Tokens are redeemed in the Vault.

DeadpoolDaily Vault Android

Instead of having a typical store page, there will be a "vault" containing 300 items, containing:

  • 1x Legendary Token
  • 1x Featured 4* random color cover
  • 1x random Legendary (4*) cover
  • 1x 1000 Hero Points
  • 1x 10000 Iso-8
  • 2x 5000 Iso-8
  • 5x random color cover of each featured character (totalling 25x covers)
  • 9x random Rare (3*) covers
  • 12x 250 Hero Points
  • 9x 1500 Iso-8
  • 33x 1000 Iso-8
  • 52x 500Iso-8
  • 3x Health Pack (x10)
  • 21x Health Pack (x5)
  • 129x random Uncommon (2*) character.

This item will then be taken out of the pool.

It can be reset by spending 1000 Hero Points, and will reset each 5 days.

Designated Character History Edit

Almost every 3* character was offered as a prize during the first 33 days and, on the 34th day, the prize was Black Panther's second power, very similar to the first prize offered, Black Panther's first power. To that end, each time it appears as the system is cycling through the 3-star characters from the beginning, it is separated into a "Cycle" in this table:

Crash of the Titans HistoryEdit

  • These characters were level 222 instead of 270 and appeared to have fewer covers than other opponents.
  • Devil Dinosaur was removed from Cycle 1 then re-added on Cycle 4. He generally only shows up for the anniversary celebration and doesn't follow the normal cycle rules.
  • The Professor X battle has now changed opponents from Carnage (Cycle 1) to Elektra (Cycle 2). Professor X has had 2 rounds in Cycle 4 due to his moves being glitched.
  • Extra Characters were added to the Cycle on Cycle 2 & Cycle 4
  • Cycle 3 started with Nick Fury vs Magneto instead of Wolverine Vs Cyclops then rechanged for the future. All events are now in alphabetical order.
  • More info on crash of the titans here

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