S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 400-499 Edit

Day Reward
400Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) (YellowAbility Power)
401100 Hero Points
402Recruit Token (Heroic)
403Random Reward
404Random Reward
405Random Reward
406Random Reward
407Random Reward
408Random Reward
409Recruit Token (Heroic)
410Random Reward
41150 Hero Points
412Random Reward
413Random Reward
414Random Reward
415Thor (Modern) (RedAbility Power)
416Recruit Token (Heroic)
417Random Reward
418Random Reward
4191000 Iso-8
420Random Reward
421100 Hero Points
422Random Reward
423Recruit Token (Heroic)
424Random Reward
425Random Reward
42615 Command Points
427Random Reward
428Random Reward
429Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) (BlueAbility Power)
430Recruit Token (Heroic)
43150 Hero Points
432Random Reward
433Random Reward
434Random Reward
435Random Reward
436Random Reward
437Recruit Token (Heroic)
438Random Reward
4391000 Iso-8
440Random Reward
441100 Hero Points
442Random Reward
443Random Reward
444Recruit Token (Heroic)
445Captain America (Steve Rogers) (YellowAbility Power)
446Random Reward
447Random Reward
448Random Reward
449Random Reward
450Random Reward
451Recruit Token (Heroic)
45250 Hero Points
453Random Reward
454Random Reward
455Random Reward
45615 Command Points
457Random Reward
458Recruit Token (Heroic)
4591000 Iso-8
460Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) (PurpleAbility Power)
461100 Hero Points
462Random Reward
463Random Reward
464Random Reward
465Recruit Token (Heroic)
466Random Reward
467Random Reward
468Random Reward
469Random Reward
470Random Reward
47150 Hero Points
472Recruit Token (Heroic)
473Random Reward
474Random Reward
475Human Torch (Classic) (RedAbility Power)
476Random Reward
477Random Reward
4781000 Iso-8
479Recruit Token (Heroic)
480Random Reward
481100 Hero Points
482Random Reward
483Random Reward
484Random Reward
48515 Command Points
486Recruit Token (Heroic)
487Random Reward
488Random Reward
489Random Reward
490Thor (Goddess of Thunder) (RedAbility Power)
49150 Hero Points
492Random Reward
493Recruit Token (Heroic)
494Random Reward
495Random Reward
496Random Reward
497Random Reward
498Random Reward
4991000 Iso-8

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