S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 1700-1799 Edit

Day Reward
1700Random Reward
1701Random Reward
1702Random Reward
1703Random Reward
1704Legendary Token
1705Vulture (Adrian Toomes) (BlueAbility Power)
1706Random Reward
170750 Hero Points
1708Random Reward
1709Random Reward
1710Random Reward
1711Recruit Token (Heroic)
1712Random Reward
1713Random Reward
1714Random Reward
171525 Command Points
1716100 Hero Points
1717Random Reward
1718Recruit Token (Heroic)
17192500 Iso-8
1720Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) (RedAbility Power)
1721Random Reward
1722Random Reward
1723Random Reward
1724Random Reward
1725Recruit Token (Heroic)
1726Random Reward
1727Random Reward
1728Random Reward
1729Random Reward
1730Random Reward
1731Random Reward
1732Recruit Token (Heroic)
1733Random Reward
1734100 Hero Points
1735Thanos (The Mad Titan) (GreenAbility Power)
1736Random Reward
1737Random Reward
1738Random Reward
1739Legendary Token
1740Random Reward
1741Random Reward
1742Recruit Token (Heroic) x10
174350 Hero Points
1744Random Reward
174525 Command Points
1746Recruit Token (Heroic)
1747Random Reward
1748Random Reward
1749Random Reward
1750Wolverine (X-Force) (GreenAbility Power)
1751Random Reward
1752100 Hero Points
1753Recruit Token (Heroic)
1754Random Reward
1755Random Reward
1756Random Reward
1757Random Reward
1758Random Reward
17592500 Iso-8
1760Recruit Token (Heroic)
176150 Hero Points
1762Random Reward
1763Random Reward
1764Random Reward
1765Invisible Woman (Classic) (BlueAbility Power)
1766Random Reward
1767Recruit Token (Heroic)
1768Random Reward
1769Random Reward
1770100 Hero Points
1771Random Reward
1772Random Reward
1773Random Reward
1774Legendary Token
177525 Command Points
1776Random Reward
1777Random Reward
1778Random Reward
177950 Hero Points
1780Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) (PurpleAbility Power)
1781Recruit Token (Heroic)
1782Random Reward
1783Random Reward
1784Random Reward
1785Random Reward
1786Random Reward
1787Random Reward
1788Recruit Token (Heroic)
1789Random Reward
1790Random Reward
1791Random Reward
1792Random Reward
1793Random Reward
1794Random Reward
1795Thor (Goddess of Thunder) (RedAbility Power)
1796Random Reward
1797Recruit Token (Heroic) x10
1798Random Reward
17992500 Iso-8

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