Friendly Countdown Tile

Friendly Countdown Tile

Enemy Countdown Tile

Enemy Countdown Tile

Friendly repeating countdown tile

Friendly Repeater countdown tile

Countdown tiles are a type of tile that produce a specific effect either at the end of the countdown, or while the countdown is active.

They can also have an effect when the tile is destroyed, such as from Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery ability.

Typically, these tiles have a one time-effect. However, some abilities renew at the end of their countdown, such as Blade's Nightstalker or Punisher's Molotov Cocktail. If the ability renews within the same tile, such as Human Torch's Flame Jet, this is a Repeater tile. Repeater Countdown Tiles will be shown with arrows around the number, rather than a skull.

Some characters also have abilities that can affect the timer on these tiles. For instance, The Hood can reduce friendly countdown timers, and Spider-Man (Bag-Man) can increase any countdown timers.

Countdown tiles always have a color. If the character who creates a Countdown tile is downed, the tile turns into a basic tile. (This does not apply to Jean Grey (Phoenix)'s tile.) If the character who owns a Countdown tile is stunned, it will not count down at the beginning of the turn, but otherwise it will act normally.

The Countdown Tile Bug Edit

It is possible for Countdown tiles to be reduced twice at the start of a turn. Countdown tiles are reduced each turn in order by row from the top left to the bottom right. If board movement during this sequence puts an already-reduced Countdown tile into a part of the sequence which hasn't been reached yet, it will be reduced again. This is a common occurrence with Daredevil's Countdown tile.

List of Playable Characters that use Countdown tilesEdit

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