Command Points are a type of currency in Marvel Puzzle Quest. They can be used to purchase Legendary comic packs from the store for 25 CP (or 20 CP for classic packs), or to upgrade the powers of Rare (20), Legendary (120) and Epic characters (720).


Command Points can be acquired from:

  • Event rewards
    • PVP: Placement 50 or better.
    • PVP: Progression at 575 (10 CP at top clearance) and 1200 (15 CP at top clearance)
    • Season: Placement 500 or better, starting at 1 CP going up to 25 CP for 1st place.
    • PVE: Sub placement - 10 or better for 1 day subs, 50 or better for 2 day.
    • PVE: Progression an early reward (10 CP at top clearance) and the ultimate reward (15 CP at top clearance)
  • Certain nodes in story events
    • Typically 1 (2 if it's a 2 day sub) available on the last non-essential node, and on the required Legendary character node.
  • As a reward for adding Champion levels to characters.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply
    • You will earn 5, 10 or 15, 25 at certain intervals, depending on how long you're been active.
  • 1, 3, or 7 points for some purchases of Hero Points or Iso-8
    • These points will go to everyone in your current Alliance.


Bonus Command Points were awarded at launch for:

  • 5 points for anyone who has played between 10/26 and 11/4 (awarded before 11/6)
  • 5 points for finishing Versus event Track and Slash with more than 300 points (awarded 11/10)
  • 5 points for connecting with Facebook by 11/8 (awarded before 11/10)
  • 5 points for anyone who has made a purchase by 11/8 (awarded before 11/10)
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