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Lucas Bishop is a man lost in time. Hailing from a future where mutants are persecuted, Bishop has found a home with the X-Men of the past. As a member of their team he uses his mutant power to redirect energy to protect the innocent, but he never forgets his true goal: he must save the future from the horrible things he's seen.



(PASSIVE) Bishop absorbs his enemy's attacks, storing them up for an explosive blast. If Bishop's teammates would take 463 or more damage, Bishop jumps to the front. Once Bishop has taken 1852 damage, deal 926 damage to the enemy.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Damage threshold becomes 1667, deals 1167 damage.
Level 3: Damage threshold becomes 1389, deals 1250 damage.
Level 4: Damage threshold becomes 1111, deals 1445 damage.
Level 5: Damage threshold becomes 926, deals 1945 damage.

General Reserves

(PASSIVE) With every injury, Bishop grows stronger. If Bishop takes 926 or more damage, gain 4 blue AP. If Bishop has 10 or more blue AP, this power becomes Energy Conversion.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Damage threshold becomes 648.
Level 3: Damage threshold becomes 463.
Level 4: Damage threshold becomes 278.
Level 5: Damage threshold becomes 232 and gains 5 AP.

ALT: Energy Conversion

POWER COST  Blue  10
Bishop focuses the energy he's stored into a powerful blow, disabling his enemy. Bishop stuns the enemy for 1 turn and destroys 4 AP in their strongest color.

(PASSIVE) If Bishop has less than 10 Blue AP, this power becomes General Reserves.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Stuns for 2 turns.
Level 3: No change.
Level 4: Stuns for 3 turns, destroys 5 AP.
Level 5: Stuns for 4 turns, destroys 6 AP.

For the Future

POWER COST  Yellow  10
Destruction must be prevented! Bishop fights to protect his people, making great sacrifices along the way. Bishop converts 1 enemy Special Tile to a strength 14 friendly Protect tile.

(PASSIVE) If there are 2 friendly Protect tiles on the board at the start of Bishop's turn, remove them and gain 2 Blue AP.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Creates strength 33 Protect tiles.
Level 3: Creates strength 42 Protect tiles.
Level 4: Converts 2 enemy tiles.
Level 5: Converts 3 enemy tiles to strength 47 Protect tile, gains 3 Blue AP.

Best Build



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