A Attack Tile is a tile which, while on the board, adds damage after a round to the enemy or player team. A attack tile is represented by a fist icon inside the tiles .

AttackTilesEnemy - Example of Enemy Attack Tile
AttackTilesPlayer - Example of Player Attack Tile


  • Attack tiles for a team will do damage after that team's turn.
  • Attack tile damage is calculated after the tiles on the board are changed or destroyed. Destroyed Attack tiles do not deal damage at the end of the turn.
  • Attack tile attacks have their damage modified by Strike Tiles and enemy Protect Tiles. If there are multiple Attack tiles, strike damage is only added once per turn. Likewise, Protect strength is only computed once on the total attack.
  • Even if every character on the team is stunned, attack tiles will still deal damage to the opponent.

Commentary Edit

If there are both Strike tiles and Attack tiles in play, it is usually preferable to have most of the strength in the Strike tiles. The post-round damage is unaffected by the distribution of strength, but during the round, Strike tiles add damage and Attack tiles do not.

Playable Characters that can place Attack tiles Edit






Playable Characters that interact with Attack tiles specifically Edit

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