AP, or ability points, is an important mechanic in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

The majority of heroes' abilities are activated based on this number, and are set into cours. For example, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)'s Yellow power costs 5 AP to activate.

AP is earned by matching tiles in that colour, or on a row matched by 4 tiles in a row.

A number of abilities can also collect AP.

Yellow APEdit

Green APEdit

Red APEdit

*Blade (Modern) - "Tools of the Trade" jeals himself with 7 or more Red Ap. 

Pink APEdit

Purple APEdit

Black APEdit

Blue APEdit

  • Hawkeye (Clint Barton)'s "Can't Seem to Miss" passive gains Blue AP when friendly Countdown tiles reach zero.


Strongest ColourEdit

  • Blade's "Supernatural Sense" destroys 4 AP in enemy's strongest colour.
  • Captain Marvel - create 2 AP in strongest colour whenever energy makes match in strongest colour.

Team-Up APEdit

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